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Тексты (слова) песен - Malevolent Creation

Тексты (слова) песен - Malevolent Creation  09-VII
  All that Remains
  Alliance Or War
  Assasin Squad
  Blood Brothers
  Bloodline Severed
  Bone Exposed
  Burnt Beyond Recognition
  Carnivorous Misgivings
  Coronation Of Our Domain
  Day Of Lamentation
  Dead March
  Decadence Within
  Disciple Of Abhorrence
  Dissect The Eradicated
  Divide and Conquer
  Dominated Resurgency
  Dominion Of Terror
  Ethnic Cleansing
  Eve Of The Apocalypse
  Geared For Gain
  Genetic Affliction
  Genetic Affliction (`93 Demo Version)
  Hideos Reprisal
  Homicidal Rant
  Impaled Existance (`90 Demo Version)
  Impaled Existence
  In Cold Blood
  Infernal Desire
  Injected Sufferance
  Instinct Evolved
  Jack the Ripper (Bonus Track)
  Joe Black
  Kill Zone
  Living In Fear
  Malevolent Creation
  Manic Demise
  Mass Graves
  Memorial Arrangements
  Multiple Stab Wounds
  Murder Reigns
  Narcotic Genocide
  Night Of The Long Knives
  No Flesh Shall Be Spared
  No Salvation
  Nocturnal Overlord
  On Grounds of Battle
  Ordain The Hierarchy
  Pillage and Burn
  Preemptive Strike
  Premature Burial
  Preyed Upon
  Pursuit Revised
  Raining Blood (Slayer Cover)
  Ravaged by Conflict
  Rebirth of Terror
  Remnants Of Withered Decay
  Remnants Of Withered Decay (`90 Demo Version)
  Rictus Surreal
  Sacrificial Annihilation
  Sadistic Perversity
  Scattered Flesh
  Section 8
  Self-Important Freak
  Serial Dementia
  Shock and Awe
  Slaughter Of Innocence
  Superior Firepower
  Supremacy Through Annihilation
  Systematic Execution
  Tasteful Agony
  The Cardinal-s Law
  The Coldest Survive
  The Deviant`s March
  The Fine Art Of Murder
  The Way Of All Flesh
  The Will to Kill
  They Breed
  Thou Shall Kill!
  To Die Is At Hand
  To Kill
  Tyranic Oppression
  Viral Release
  Visions Of Malace
  With Murderous Precision