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Тексты (слова) песен - Nine Inch Nails

Тексты (слова) песен - Nine Inch Nails  10 Miles High (by Keither Hillebrandt)
  A Warm Place
  All The Love In The World
  Beside You In Time
  Big Man With A Gun
  Down In It
  Eraser (Polite)
  Even Deeper
  Every Day Is Exactly The Same
  Getting Smaller
  Head Like A Hole
  Hurt (Quiet)
  I Do Not Want This
  Into The Void
  I`m Looking Foreward To Joining You, Finally
  Kinda I Want To
  La Mer
  Love Is Not Enough
  March Of The Pigs
  Metal (Gary Numan cover)
  Mr. Self Destruct
  Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)
  Right Where It Belongs
  Self Destruction, Part Two
  Self Destuction, Final
  Slipping Away
  Something I Can Never Have
  Somewhat Damaged
  Stafuckers, Inc (Dave Ogilvie Mix)
  Sturfuckers Inc.
  Terrible Lie
  The Becoming
  The Big Come Down
  The Collector
  The Day The World Went Away
  The Downward Spiral
  The Fragile
  The Great Below
  The Great Collapse
  The Hand That Feeds
  The Line Begins To Blur
  The Only Time
  The Way Out Is Through
  The Wretched
  Underneath It All
  We`re In This Together
  Where Is Everybody
  Where Is Everybody (by Danny Lohner)
  With Teeth
  You Know What U Are