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Аккорды к песне - "Im With You" - Avril Lavigne

Аккорды к песне: Avril Lavigne - "Im With You"

 Intro:         (Am     F      G)     x4   

I’m   standing   on   a   bridge
I’m   waiting   in   the   dark
C                                       Em     Am
I   thought   that   you’d   be   here   by   now
There’s   nothing   but   the   rain
No   footsteps   on   the   ground
C                                Em     Am
Im   listening   but   there’s   no   sound 

C                             Dm
Isn’t   anyone   tryin   to   find   me   ?
F                                     G
Won’t   somebody   come   take   me   home
           Am      F       G
It’s   a   damn   cold   night
                       Am    F      G                          
Trying   to   figure   out   this   life
Won’t   you   take   me   by   the   hand
Take   me   somewere   new
             F                 Em
I   don’t   know   who   you   are
      Am                    C         Am
But   I   …   I’m   with   you
              C           Am         
I’m   with   you  

I’m   looking   for   a   place
Searching   for   a   face
Is   anybody   here   I   know
Cause   nothing’s   going   right
And   everything   a   mess
And   no   one   likes   to   be   alone


      Dm                            Am
Oh   why     is   everything   so   confusing
F                                    Am
Maybe   I’m   just   out   of   my   mind
Year  …  Year …  Year … 
 F                        G              Em
Year  …  Year …          Year … Year …            


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