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Аккорды к песне - "Naked" - Avril Lavigne

Аккорды к песне: Avril Lavigne - "Naked"

 Em              C   
I wake up in the morning 
D          Em  
Put on my face 
Em                   C 
The one that´s gonna get me
D               Em
Through another day
Em               C 
Doesn´t really matter
How I feel inside
´Cause life is like a game sometimes 

Em                 C
But then you came around me
D              Em 
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me 
    D            Em  
And keep me from my fears 
I´m unprotected 
See how I´ve opened up 
Oh, you´ve made me trust 

             G               C  
Because I´ve never felt like this before 
I´m naked around you
 C       D
Does it show? 
You see right through me 
And I can´t hide 
I´m naked around you 
And it feels so right 

I´m tyring to remember 
Why I was afraid 
To be myself and let the 
Covers fall away 
I guess I never had someone like you 
To help me, to help me fit 
In my spirit 


C             A
I´m so naked around you 
And I can´t hide 
       A                              C
You´re gonna see right through, baby  

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