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Аккорды к песне - "Big Gun" - AC/DC

Аккорды к песне: AC/DC - "Big Gun"

Noises from Brian

Riot on the radio, pictures on the TV
Invader man take what he can, shootout on the silver screen
Stickin´ ´em up and knocking them down, living out a fantasy
There´s a bad man cruising around in a big black limousine
Don´t let it be wrong, don´t let it be right
Get in his way, you´re dead in his sights

Big gun    
Big gun   
Number one
Big gun
Big gun kick the hell out of you

Terminators, Uzi makers, shootin´ up Hollywood
Snakes alive with a forty-five, getting off and doing no good. 
If you ain´t wise, they´ll cannibalise, tear flesh off you 
Classified, lady killers, prayin´ in the human zoo
They saddle you up and take you to town
Better look out, when he come around

Big gun    
Big gun   
Number one
Big gun
Big gun kick the hell out of you

Show down

LEAD BREAK + more noises from Brian Johnson

Big gun    
Big gun   
Number one
aauuugh aauuugh
yaay yaaay
buba buba buba buba buba buba
Big gun, gotta hot one  
Big gun, gotta number one  
Big gun, loaded and cocked
Big gun, hot hot hot
Got big gun, ready or not
Big gun, give it, give it a shot, come on

(During next two lines Big Gun is repeated in background)
Terminator, Uzi Maker
Regulators, gonna get you later

Big gun kick the hell out of you

Two guitars in this one -- guitar 1, which plays Riff A and all the solos,
is a clean electric.  Guitar 2, which plays the rest, is distorted.  To get
it "officially," use both guitars; if it doesn´t matter (probably), one
will do fine.
Lyrics are questionable at best since I can barely hear them -- might want
to see a doctor about that throat.
--- David Braue (
=========================== cut here ============================
Riff A:  2x in the intro
-GUITAR 1=>-3---0----0--0-------|-----------3---0---0------------
--2--2-- <==GUITAR 2-------------|--2--2--------------------------
Riff B:  (play once with each line of lyrics)
I´m playing on the radio
Pictures on the TV
And every man take a-what he can
Shoot ´em on the silver screen
Riff C:  (same timing as above)
Stickin´ the law, knockin´ them down
Livin´ out a fantasy
Riff B with:
There´s a bad man cruisin´ around
In a big black limousine
Riff D:
       |  |  |    |   ||    |     |  |  |   |
      B(vii)          A(v) B(vii)
Don´t let it be wrong,     don´t let it be right
A(v)      G(iii)     D#/F        Em
Give into spite, and double your sights
Riff A with:
Big gun -- big gun, number one
Big gun
----------------------------------- G
----------------------------------- T
----0------------------------------ R
--------------2P0---2-0------------ #
-------------------------3--0------ 2
Big gun, can you hit on the loon  (I SAID I couldn´t hear the words!)
[Riff B twice]
With Riff B:
Terminator´s using acres
Shooting up Hollywood
Snakes he ate with a funny fad
Gettin´ up ´n´ doin´ no good
With Riff C:
If you ain´t wise, uncover the lies
To fuss of you
With Riff B:
Classified lady killers
Playin´ in the U.N. too
With Riff D:
The sooner you are, you´re taking the town
Better look out when he´s comin´ ´round
---3P0-0--(GTR 1)------------------------------------------------
---------------------------2-----5----2P0H2---(GTR 2)------------
etc. etc.
[The soloing is in E minor (I think) -- just go crazy and you´ll
get it close enough]
Repeat the CHORUS once more and then free-form it to the end.


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