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Аккорды к песне - "Cover You In Oil" - AC/DC

Аккорды к песне: AC/DC - "Cover You In Oil"

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
 #This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the #
 #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
 Date: 23 Nov 1997 15:03:48 +0100
 From: Stephan Mueller  
 Subject: TAB: Cover you in Oil by AC_DC
 Cover you in oil (Young/Young & Johnson) off the Album `Ballbreaker` 1995
 ----------------                   Tabbed by S.Mueller
 Chord-Pattern 1:     A       G   F#   G   F#   D/F#
 Intro: Pattern 1
 (Bass) slides to A (12. fret)
 Tab-Pattern 2
      u  d  u  p  r  p  r  p   ((u)pstrokes,(d)ownstrokes w/indexfinger barre)
 e|-----------------------------|------------------------------------    p=pinky
 b|-----------------------------|------------------------------3-----    r=ringfinger
 Pattern 2
 I like to slip into something good
 I see a young girl in the Neighborhood
 The way she move, i must confess
 I like to run my hands up and down her legs
 (second guitars doubles pattern 1)
 The way she dress, she looks so fine
 I`ll make her wet, I`ll make her mine
 She like it hard, she like it slow
 all right honey, come let`s go
 D   G      Bb  F     C
 Baby what you want , it`s the way she move
 D      G   Bb       F      C
 Baby , Feel what you need, come on let`s go
 Chorus: Played over A       G   F#   G   F#   D/F#
                     A       G   F#   G   F#  (end chorus with pattern 3)
 Cover you in oil
 I wanna cover you in oil
 let me cover you in oil
 cover you in oil
 Pattern 3
 Verse: Pattern 2 (also doubled in the 2nd part)
 Pull on the zip, she give good lip service
 It`s nothing for the show, I just pay to see her go
 she make you hot, you spray your lot
 comin` in honey, where headin` to the top
 the way she push, don`t give a dime
 Abuse your life, gonna make you satisfied
 she`s kinda rough, she give it tough
 come on honey and strut your stuff
 Baby what you want , it`s the way she move
 Feel what you need, come on let`s go
 Cover you in oil
 I wanna cover you in oil
 let me cover you in oil
 cover you in oil


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