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Аккорды к песне - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (pro)" - AC/DC

Аккорды к песне: AC/DC - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (pro)"

 [E] [G5] [E] [A5] [E] [D5/A] [E]
 [D5]If you`re [E] havin` trouble with the high school head
 He`s givin` you the blues [D] [E]
 You wanna graduate but not in `is bed
 Here`s what you gotta do [D] [E]
 Pick up the phone
 I`m always home, call me anytime
 [D] Just ring [E] three six [D]two, [E]four three six [D] o [E]
 I lead a life [D]of crime [E]
 [A5]Dirty deeds done [G5]dirt [A5]cheap
 [E]Dirty deeds done [D] dirt [E] cheap
 [A5]Dirty deeds done [G5]dirt [A5]cheap
 [E]Dirty deeds they`re done dirt cheap
 Dirty deeds they`re done dirt cheap[D] [E]
 You got problems in your life of love
 You got a broken heart [D] [E]
 He`s double dealin` with your best friend
 That`s when the tear drops start, fella [D] [E]
 Pick up the phone, I`m here alone, or make a social call [D] [E]
 Come right in [D] [E], forget about him [D] [E]
 We`ll have ourselves [D]a ball [E]
 [B] [E], per intro
 If you got a lady and you want her gone
 But you ain`t got the guts [D] [E]
 She keeps naggin` at you night and day
 Enough to drive you nuts [D] [E]
 Pick up the phone, leave her alone
 It`s time you made a stand [D] [E]
 For a fee[D] [E] I`m happy to be [D] [E]
 Your back [D] door [E] man. Whoo!
 Concrete shoes[G5] [E], cyanide [A5] [E], T. N. T.
 [E] Done [D] dirt [E] cheap
 Neck-ties [G5] [E], contracts [A5] [E], high voltage
 [E] Done [D] dirt [E] cheap
 Dirty deeds [G] [E] [A] [E]		)
 [E] Done [D] dirt [E] cheap		) Repeat
 They`re ready to send [A]him on [E] the cruise


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