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Тексты (слова) песен - Hammerfall

Тексты (слова) песен - Hammerfall  A Legend Reborn
  A Legend Reborn (Bonus Track)
  Always Will Be
  Angel Of Mercy
  At The End Of The Rainbow
  Back To Back
  Blood Bound
  Born To Rule
  Child Of The Damned
  Crimson Thunder
  Destined For Glory
  Dreams Come True
  Fury Of The Wild
  Glory To The Brave
  Hammer of Justice
  HammerFall / Riders Of The Storm
  Hearts On Fire
  Heeding The Call
  Hero`s Return
  I Believe
  Keep The Flame Burning
  Knights Of The 21st Century
  Legacy Of Kings
  Let The Hammer Fall
  Living In Victory
  Never, Ever
  On The Edge Of Honour
  Remember Yesterday
  Riders Of The Storm
  Steel Meets Steel
  Stone Cold
  Stronger Than All
  Stronger Than All (Bonus Trac
  Take The Black
  Templars Of Steel
  The Champion
  The Dragon Lies Bleeding
  The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Bon
  The Fallen One
  The Metal Age
  The Templar Flame
  The Unforgiving Blade
  The Way Of The Warrior
  Warriors Of Faith