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Тексты (слова) песен - Hatebreed

Тексты (слова) песен - Hatebreed  A Call For Blood
  A Lesson Lived is A Lesson Learned
  Afflicted Past
  Another Day, Another Vendetta
  Before Dishonor
  Beholder of Justice
  Below The Bottom
  Betrayed By Life
  Bloodsoaked Memories
  Burial For The Living
  Burn The Lies
  Choose or Be Chosen
  Conceived Through An Act Of Violence
  Confide in No One
  Driven By Suffering
  Empty Promises
  Facing What Consumes You
  Final Prayer (Featuring Kenny King From Slayer)
  Healing To Suffer Again
  Hollow Ground
  I Will Be Heard
  Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable)
  Kill An Addict
  Last Breath
  Live for this
  Mark My Words
  Not One Truth
  Prepare For War
  Remain Nameless
  Smash Your Enemies
  Straight to Your Face
  Tear it Down
  This is Now
  Under The Knife
  Voice of Contention
  We Still Fight
  Worlds Apart