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Тексты (слова) песен - Hughes, Glenn

Тексты (слова) песен - Hughes, Glenn  Addiction
  Better Man
  Beyond The Numb
  Big Sky
  Big Time
  Blue Jade
  Can`t Stop The Flood
  Change Yourself
  Coffee & Vanilla
  Cover Me
  Dark Star
  Days Of Avalon
  Death Of Me
  Devil`s Road
  Does It Mean Taht Much To You
  Dont Let Me Bleed
  Don`t look away
  Fade Away
  Feels Like Home
  Heaven`s Missing An Angel
  High Road
  Highball Shooter
  I Don`t Want To Live That Way Again
  I Found A Woman
  I Got I Covered
  I Just Want To Celebrate
  I Will Follow You
  It`s About Time
  It`s Alright
  I`m Not Your Slave
  Justified Man
  LA Cut Off
  Land Of The Livin (Wonderland)
  Last Mistake
  Let It Go
  Livin` For The Minute
  Maybe Your Baby
  Midnight Meditated
  Missed Your Name
  Mystery Of The Heart
  On The Ledge
  Out On Me
  Rain on me
  Ride The Storm
  Run Run Run
  Save Me Tonight (I`ll Be Waiting)
  Second son
  She Loves Your Money
  She Moves Ghostly
  Sister Midnight
  Soul Mover
  Space High
  Speak Your Mind
  Stoned in the temple
  Switch The Mojo
  Take you down
  Talk About It
  Talkin` To Messiah
  The Other Side Of Me
  The State I`m In
  The truth will set me free
  The way it is
  This Life
  Too far gone
  When You Fall
  You Can`t Stop Rock N` Roll
  You kill me
  Your Love Is Like A Fire