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Тексты (слова) песен - Manticora

Тексты (слова) песен - Manticora  ...From Far Beyond
  A Gathering Of Pilgrims
  A Long Farewell
  At The Keep
  Beyond The Walls Of Sleep
  Creator Of Failure
  Critical Mass
  Dynasty Of Fear
  Fall From Grace
  Filaments Of Armageddon
  Help Me Like No One Can
  If Then (Outro)
  If? (Intro)
  It Feels Like The End
  Keeper Of Time - Eternal Champion
  King Of The Absurd
  Lost Souls
  Nowhere Land
  On A Sea Of Grass - Night
  On A See Of Grass - Day
  Pale Faces
  Playing God
  Private Hell
  Roots Of Eternity
  Shadows With Tales To Tell
  The Chance Of Dying In Dream
  The Flood
  The Nightfall War
  The Old Barge
  The Puzzle
  The Twilight Shadow
  The Vision
  When Forever Ends