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Тексты (слова) песен - Minogue, Kylie

Тексты (слова) песен - Minogue, Kylie  After Dark
  Always Find The Time
  Automatic Love
  Better The Devil You Know
  Bittersweet Goodbye
  Burning Up
  Cant Get You Out Of My Head
  Come Into My World
  Confide In Me
  Count The Days
  Cowboy Style
  Dangerous Game
  Did It Again
  Disco Down
  Enjoy Yourself
  Finer Feelings
  Give It To Me
  Give Me Just A Little More Time
  Got To Be Certain
  Hand On Your Heart
  Heaven And Earth
  I Feel For You
  I Guess I Like It Like That
  I Miss You
  I Should Be So Lucky
  If I Was Your Lover
  If You Were With Me Now (Duet With Keith Washington)
  In Your Eyes
  It`s No Secret
  I`ll Still Be Loving You
  I`m Over Dreaming (Over You)
  I`m So High
  Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
  Let S Get To It
  Light Years
  Live And Learn
  Look My Way
  Love Affair
  Love At First Sight
  Loving Days
  More More More
  My Secret Heart
  Never Too Late
  No World Without You
  Nothing To Lose
  On A Night Like This
  One Boy Girl
  Please Stay
  Put Yourself In My Place
  Red Blooded Woman
  Rhythm Of Love
  Right Here Right Now
  Say Hey
  Secret (Take You Home)
  So Now Goodbye
  Some Kind Of Bliss
  Spinning Around
  Step Back In Time
  Still Standing
  Sweet Music
  Tears On My Pillow
  Tell Tale Signs
  The Loco-Motion
  The World Still Turns
  Things Can Only Get Better
  Through The Years
  Time Will Pass You By
  Too Far
  Too Much Of A Good Thing
  Turn It Into Love
  Under The Influence Of Love
  What Do I Have To Do
  Where Has The Love Gone
  Where Is The Feeling
  Word Is Out
  Wouldn`t Change A Thing
  Your Disco Needs You
  Your Love

фотография Minogue, Kylie
Фотография Minogue, Kylie