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Тексты (слова) песен - Morgana Lefay

Тексты (слова) песен - Morgana Lefay  A Final Farewell
  Alley Of Oaks
  Alley of Oaks
  Another Dawn
  As Far As I Can Go
  Battle of Evermore
  Battle Of Evermore
  Bloodred Sky
  Child Of Time
  Cimmerian Dream
  Cold World
  Creatures Of The Hierachy
  Dragons Lair
  Dying Evolution
  Edge Of Mind
  Emotional Sanctuary
  End Of Living
  Enter Oblivion
  Fatal Illusions
  Gil-Galad (The Sanctified)
  Grand Materia
  Help Me Out of Here
  I Am
  I Roam
  In The Land Of The Crimson King
  Knowing Just as I
  Last Rites
  Lord of the Rings
  Mad Messiah
  Master Of The Masquerade
  Modern Devil
  Moonlit Night
  My Funeral Is Calling
  My Task Is Done
  Nowhere Island
  On The Other Side
  Only Endless Time Remains
  Out In The Silence
  Paradise Lost
  Red Moon
  Rooms of Sleep
  Rumours of Rain
  Rumours Of Rain
  Salute the Sage
  Save Our Souls
  Sculptures Of Pain
  Shadow Empire
  Shadows Of God
  So Strange
  Soldiers of the Holy Empire
  Sorrow Calls
  State of Intoxication
  Symphony Of The Damned
  The Boon He Gives
  The Choice
  The Devil In Me
  The Mirror
  The Operation Of The Sun
  The Quest for Reality
  The Secret Doctrine
  The Seventh Seal
  The Source Of Pain
  The Whore Of Babylon
  Time Is God
  To Isengard
  Victim Of The Inquisition
  Voulez Vous
  War Without End
  What Am I
  What Dreams Forbode
  When Gargoyles Fly
  Where Fallen Angels Rule
  Where Insanity Rules
  Witches Garden