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Тексты (слова) песен - Mortification

Тексты (слова) песен - Mortification  12 Men (lightforce cover)
  3 Of A Kind
  A Pearl
  Altar Of God
  Ancient Prophecy
  Apocalyptic Terror
  Arm The Annointed
  At War With War
  Blood World
  Brain Cleaner
  Bring Release
  Buried Into Obscurity
  Chapel Of Hope
  Clan of the Light
  Confused Belief
  Crusade For The King
  Dark Allusions
  Death Requiem
  Distarnish Priest
  Drain Dweller
  EnVision EvAngelene
  Eternal Lamentation
  Extreme Conditions
  From The Valley Of Shadows
  From Your Side
  God Shape Void
  Grind Planetarium
  Gut Wrench
  Hammer Of God
  Human Condition
  In The Woods
  Jehovah Nissi
  Killing Evil
  Liberal Mediocrity
  Live by the Sword
  Lock Up The Night
  Louder Than The Devil
  Love Song
  Metal Crusade
  Monks of the High Lord
  New York Skies
  Noah Was A Knower
  Northern Storm
  Peace In The Galaxy
  Priests Of The Underground
  Primitive Rhythm Machine
  Purest Intent
  Raise the Chalice
  Ride The Light
  Rwa Is The Stonewood Temple
  Scrolls of the Megallioth
  Seen It All
  Terminate Damnation
  The Flu Virus
  The Other Side Of The Coin
  The True Essence Of Power
  This Momentary Affliction
  Too Much Pain
  Toxic Shock
  Triumph Of Mercy
  Unified Truth
  Visited By Angel
  Vital Fluids
  Web Of Fire
  Welcome To The Palodrome
  Your Life