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Тексты (слова) песен - Napalm Death

Тексты (слова) песен - Napalm Death   A Glimpse Into Genocide
  A Plague Rages
  Affixed By Disconcern
  All Hail The Grey Dawn
  Armageddon X 7
  As The Machine Rolls On
  Awake (To A Life Of Misery)
  Birth In Regress
  Blind to the Truth
  Blind To The Truth
  Blows to the Body
  Blunt Against The Cutting Edge
  Born On Your Knees
  Breed To Breathe
  C.S. (Conservative Shithead)
  Can`t Play Wont Pay
  Caught... In A Dream A Dream
  Cause And Effect (Pt.II)
  Christening Of The Blind
  Circle Of Hypocrisy
  Cleanse Impure
  Climate Controllers
  Clutching At Barbs
  Cock Rock Alienation
  Cold Forgiveness
  Common Enemy
  Constitutional Hell
  Continuing War on Stupidity
  Corrosive Elements
  Cure For The Common Complaint
  Cursed To Crawl
  Dementia Access
  Devouring Depraved
  Diplomatic Immunity
  Display to Me
  Display To Me
  Distorting The Medium
  Divine Death
  Down In The Zero
  Emotional Suffocation
  Evolved as One
  Extremety Retained
  Extremity Retained
  Farce and Fiction
  Fasting On Deception
  Forced to Fear
  Forwarned Is Disarmed?
  Fracture In The Equation
  From Enslavement to Obliteration
  Glimpse Into Genocide
  Got Time To Kill
  Greed Killing
  Hiding Behind
  Human Garbage
  Hung (All Love Is Lost)
  I Abstain
  If Symptoms Persist
  If The Truth Be Known
  Incendiary Incoming
  Inconceivable ?
  Inner Incineration
  Inside The Torn Apart
  Instinct Of Survival
  Instruments Of Persuasion
  Judicial Slime
  Just Rewards
  Lowest Common Denominator
  Lucid Fairytale
  Make Way
  Malicious Intent
  Mass Appeal Madness
  Mechanics Of Deceit
  Mentally Murdered
  Mind Snare
  Moral Crusade
  More Than Meets The Eye
  Multinational Corporations
  My Own Worst Enemy
  Nazi Punks, Fuck Off
  Necessary Evil
  Negative Approach
  Next Of Kin To Chaos
  Next On The List
  No Mental Effort
  None The Wiser
  None The Wiser?
  Out of Sight Out of Mind
  Pay For The Privilege Of Breathing
  Per Capita
  Placate, Sedate, Eradicate
  Pledge Yourself To You
  Point Of No Return
  Polluted Minds
  Practice What You Preach
  Pride Assassin
  Primed Time
  Prison Without Walls
  Private Death
  Pseudo Youth
  Purist Realist
  Re-addressing The Problem
  Reflect On Conflict
  Remain Nameless
  Repression Out Of Uniform
  Retreat to Nowhere
  Right You Are
  Ripe For The Breaking
  Rise Above
  Sceptic In Perspective
  Sceptic In Prespective
  Siege Of Power
  Silence Is Deatening
  Social Sterility
  Sold Short
  State Of Mind
  Striding Purposefully Backwards
  Suffer The Children
  Take The Strain
  Taste The Poison
  Thanks For Nothing
  The Chains That Bind Us
  The Code Is Red... Long Lives The Code
  The Great And The Good
  The Great Capitulator
  The Icing on the Hate
  The Infiltraitor
  The Kill
  The Lifeless Alarm
  The World Keeps Turning
  Think for a Minute
  Thrown Down A Rope
  Time Will Come
  To Lower Yourself (Blind Servitude)
  Trio-Degradable / Affixed By Disconcern
  Twist The Knife (Slowly)
  Ulterior Exterior
  Uncertainty Blurs the Vision
  Uncertainty Blurs The Vision
  Unchallenged Hate
  Unfit Earth
  Upward And Uninterested
  Vegetative State
  Vision Conquest
  Volume Of Neglect
  You Suffer