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Тексты (слова) песен - Nightfall

Тексты (слова) песен - Nightfall  Aenaon
  Aye Azure
  Cold Bloody Killer
  Crying Out the Fear Within
  Dead Woman, Adieu
  Death Of Neira
  Death Star
  Domestication of Wildness
  For My Soul, When the Dark Falls Into...
  I Am Jesus
  I Have Never Dreamt the Life We Share
  Immaculate / Enslaved by Need
  Iris (And The Burning Aureole)
  Ishtar (Celebrate Your Beauty)
  Lashed Augusth Reign
  Lesbian Show
  Luciferin (What if Men Could Bear Masters?)
  Master, Faster, Sweet Desaster
  Muscat (Dark Dark Road)
  My Own Troy
  My Red, Red Moon (Emma O)
  My Traitors Kiss
  Pale Crescendo Of Diamond Suns
  Picture Me
  Semana Tragica
  Some Deaths Take For Ever
  The Fleshmaker
  The Passage
  The Poor Us
  The Senior Lover Of Diamanda
  The Sheer Misfit
  The Vineyard
  Treasures in Aramaic Tears (Echelon)