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Тексты (слова) песен - No Doubt

Тексты (слова) песен - No Doubt  A Little Something Refreshing
  Artificial Sweetener
  Big City Train
  Big Distraction
  Blue In The Face
  Brand New Day
  Comforting Lie
  Dark Blue
  Different People
  Don't Speak
  Don`t Let Me Down
  El Matador
  End It On This
  Excuse Me Mr.
  Get On The Ball
  Greener Pastures
  Happy Now?
  Hella Good
  Hey Baby
  Hey You
  Home Now
  Just A Girl
  Let`s Get Back
  Magics Is In The Makeup
  Magic`s In The Makup
  Making Out
  Marry Me
  Move On
  Old Bathwater
  Platinum Blonde Life
  Rock Steady
  Sad For Me
  Simple Kind Of Life
  Six Feet Under
  Staring Problem
  Start The Fire
  Starting Problem
  Sunday Morning
  Suspension Without Suspense
  That`s Just Me
  The Climb
  Too Late
  Total Hate `95
  Tragic Kingdom
  Trapped In A Box
  Underneath It All
  Waiting Room
  You Cant Do It