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Тексты (слова) песен - Nocturnal Rites

Тексты (слова) песен - Nocturnal Rites  Afterlife
  Against The World
  Birth Of Chaos
  Black Death
  Break Away
  Burn In Hell
  Change The World
  Cuts Like A Knife
  Dark Secret
  Destiny Calls
  End Of Days
  End Of Our Rope
  End Of The World
  Eternity Holds
  Eye Of The Demon
  Eyes Of The Dead
  Faceless God
  Fire Comes To Ice
  Fools Never Die
  Free At Last
  Genetic Distortion Sequence
  Genetic Distortion Sequnce
  Hell And Back
  Hold On To The Flame
  In A Time Of Blood And Fire
  Lay Of Ennui
  Lost In Time
  Never Die
  Never Ending
  Never Trust
  New World Messiah
  One By One
  One Nation
  Our Wasted Days
  Rest In Peace
  Ride On
  Skyline Flame
  Something Undefined
  Still Alive
  Sword Of Steel
  Temple Of The Dead
  Test Of Time
  The Curse
  The Flame Will Never Die
  The Iron Force
  The King`s Command
  The Legend Lives On
  The Sign
  The Sinners Cross
  The Vision
  The Watcher
  Unholy Powers (Night of the Witch)
  Wake Up Dead
  Warrior`s Return
  When Fire Comes To Ice
  Winds Of Death