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Тексты (слова) песен - Nuclear Assault

Тексты (слова) песен - Nuclear Assault  After The Holocaust
  Another Violent End
  Ballroom Blitz
  Behind Glass Walls
  Brain Death
  Cold Steel
  Critical Mass
  Defiled Innocence
  Discharged Reason
  Doctor Butcher
  Equal Rights
  Eroded Liberty
  F# (Wake Up)
  Fashion Junkie
  Fight To Be Free
  Fractured Minds
  Glenns Song
  Good Times, Bad Times
  Great Depression
  Hang The Pope
  Human Wreckage
  Inherited Hell
  Living Hell
  Long Haired Asshole
  Madness Decends
  My America
  New Song
  No Time
  Nuclear War
  Poetic Justice
  Preaching To The Deaf
  Price Of Freedom
  Radiation Sickness
  Rise From The Ashes
  Search And Seizure
  Sign In Blood
  Something Wicked
  Stop, Wait, Think
  Stranded In Hell
  The Forge
  The Hockey Song
  Third World Genocide
  To Serve Man
  Too Young To Die
  Torture Tactics
  Trail Of Tears
  When Freedom Dies
  Whine And Cheese