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Текст (слова) песни - Two and a Shot of Jack - Nora

Текст (слова) песни: Nora - Two and a Shot of Jack

I took two and I didnt notice
Its still noisy as Hell
I took two and it didnt make a difference
I did the best I could
The sun doesnt always shine
And the good guys dont always win
All the promises that we broke
And all the lies that we were told
Well go to bed
With the best and worst thoughts in our heads
And hope for sleep
Cause tomorrow youll wake up beautiful
And all the people we made cry
Everything will be alright
Weve walked through suicide
And come out on the other side
Im worn down and wearning away
Its bedtime everyone
So Im gonna take two more
All the promises we broke
And all the lies we were told
All the beatings that we took
And all the people we made cry
For all our friends who we left behind
Or we lost to suicide
Were never coming home.

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