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Аккорды к песне - "Angel (crd)" - Aerosmith

Аккорды к песне: Aerosmith - "Angel (crd)"

 Intro:  Eb____ Bb-Ab____ Bb- (Play 3 Times)
         Cm____ Bb-Ab____ Absus____ Ab____
 1: I`m alone
 2:      Don`t know what I`m gonna do
                                Ab             Absus  Ab
 1: Yeah I don`t know if I can face the night 
 2:                about this feeling inside
 1:   I`m in tears
 2: Yes it`s true
             Cm                      Gm      Ab
 1:  and the cryin` that I do is for you
 2:         loneliness took me for a ride
    Bb      Cm
 1: I want  your love
 2: Without your love
 1: Let`s break the walls between us
 2: I`m   nothing but a beggar
    Bb         Cm
 1: Don`t make it tough
 2: Without    your love
 1: I`ll put away my pride
 2: a  dog without a bone
    Bb       Cm
 1: Enough`s enough
 2: What can I do?
         Ab                            Bb
 1: I`ve suffered and I`ve seen the light
 2: I`m  sleeping   in   this  bed  alone
                        Eb     Bb-Ab
 Ba-yay-by, you`re my angel
                  Bb-Cm        Bb-Ab
 Come and save me tonight
        Bb-Eb     Bb-Ab
 You`re my angel
 Come and make it all right
 1: Ab____ Absus____ Ab____   (goto verse 2)
    Bb-Ab               Bb-Eb
 2:       Come and save me tonight
    Bb-Ab____ Bb-Cm____ Bb-Ab____
    You`re the reason I live
    You`re the reason I die
    You`re the reason I give
    when I break down and cry
 Ab                            Bb____
    Don`t need no reason why.________
    Baby, Baby   

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