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Аккорды к песне - "Milkcow Blues (tab)" - Aerosmith

Аккорды к песне: Aerosmith - "Milkcow Blues (tab)"

intro/verse riff(guitar 1)-
 Guitar one repeats this riff through the verse. Guitar two backs guitar one
 with a similar riff. When Steven says "pack" in the line "pack my bags I`m
 gone", one of the guitars plays this riff:
                                 C5       Bb5   
 The verse riff appears sporadically throughout the song. During the
 harmonica part at the end, the rhythm guitar plays this:
       F5               G5
 Repeat this part until the very end and then stop and do something like this:
 symbols used in transcription:
 p = pull-off
 PM = palm mute
 b = bend
 r = release
 ~ = let ring
 1tr(3) = trill(between 1 and 3)
 (14) = slide(up to 14) 
         Yeah I`ve tried ev`ry thing just to get along with you
         But now I`m gonna tell ya just what I`m gonna do
         Well I`m sick of all your cryin` when you should be leavin me alone
         If you don`t believe me, you pack my bags I`m gone!
         Won`t you please...Don`t act so no good goin down(2x)
         (this line is unintelligible)
         When your old man ain`t around
         (on the second time substitute) Well you best believe I love you baby
         When your old man ain`t around
         (Guitar solo 1)
         (Guitar solo 2)
         Harmonica solo
         Won`t you please...Don`t act so no good goin` down(2x)
         Well you best believe I love you baby 
         when your old man ain`t around
         ain`t around ain`t around...(lead vocal ad lib)
    Questions, comments and corrections are welcome at  
    Long live Aerosmith!


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