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Аккорды к песне - "Permanent Vacation" - Aerosmith

Аккорды к песне: Aerosmith - "Permanent Vacation"

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                "Permanent Vacation" by Aerosmith
          (from the 1987 Geffen album PERMANENT VACATION)
 This is a nice, easy, straightforward rocker.  The whole thing
 can be fairly duplicated with basic open chords.  Most of the
 song is the following riff of D and A:
 E --2-2-2-2---------|-------------------|--2-2-2-2-----------
 B --3-3-3-3---------|----2-2-0-2-2-0-2--|--3-3-3-3-----------
 G --2-2-2-2---------|----2-2-0-2-2-0-2--|--2-2-2-2-----------
 D --0-0-0-0---------|----2-2-0-2-2-0-2--|--0-0-0-0-----------
 A ------------------|----0-0-0-0-0-0-0--|--------------------
 E -----------0-2-3--|--4----------------|-----------0-2-3----
 E ---------------------------------------------
 B ----2-2-0-2----------------------------------
 G ----2-2-0-2----------------------------------
 D ----2-2-0-2----------------------------------
 A ----0-0-0-0----------------------------------
 E --4------------------------------------------
 It`s repeated for every verse with the following change at the
 end of the phrase (or you can always power chord it for that
 extra "oomph"):
     C      D                      A
 E --0------2--------------|--------------------
 B --1------3--------------|-------2-2-0-2------
 G --0------2--------------|-------2-2-0-2------
 D --2------0--------------|-------2-2-0-2------
 A --3---------------------|-------0-0-0-0------
 E ---------------0--2--3--|--4-----------------
   Yeah,   yeah   I got to   get   a-way
 The bridge is another simple pattern of open chords:
       C                       G              F       C
 E ----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--3--3--3--3-----1-1-1---0------
 B ----1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--0--0--0--0-----1-1-1---1------
 G ----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-----2-2-2---0------
 D ----2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--0--0--0--0-----3-3-3---2------
 A ----3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-----3-3-3---3------
 E ----------------------------3--3--3--3-----1-1-1----------
       I really need it really really need it San Tro-pez
 This repeats four times, and the fourth time ends on an B:
       C                       G              F       B
 E ----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--3--3--3--3-----1-1-1----------
 B ----1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--0--0--0--0-----1-1-1---4------
 G ----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-----2-2-2---4------
 D ----2--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--0--0--0--0-----3-3-3---4------
 A ----3--3--3--3--3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-----3-3-3---2------
 E ----------------------------3--3--3--3-----1-1-1----------
       really need it  man  I  got  to        get a   -way
 The solos continue over this rhythmic pattern (which may well be
 a combination of the bass and rhythm guitar parts, but this is
 the way I do it, and it sounds fine when played along with the
      B   A   B    D           Db C  B  A  B
 E -----------------------------------------------
 B ---4---2---4----7-7-7-7-7-7-6--5--4--2--4------
 G ---4---2---4----7-7-7-7-7-7-6--5--4--2--4------
 D ---4---2---4----7-7-7-7-7-7-6--5--4--2--4------
 A ---2---0---2----5-5-5-5-5-5-4--3--2--0--2------
 E -----------------------------------------------
 During the second solo, with the harmonica, drop the Db and C
 chords and just riff on the A, B, and D.
 And the song really lends itself to flourishes, so take the
 opportunities to throw in fills and riffs wherever else you can!
 Armed with this novice transcription (my first!), you should be
 able to put the entire song together.  And it`s fun to play at
 shows `n stuff.  Enjoy!
                   Dan Amrich  AMRICH@ITHACA.EDU
          "I don`t have a car; I have a Les Paul Custom."


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