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Аккорды к песне - "No More No More" - Aerosmith

Аккорды к песне: Aerosmith - "No More No More"

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                           A E R O S M I T H
                           "No More No More"
                        from _Toys in the Attic_
                    Transcribed by Kevin Bourrillion
  +-- Fig. 1 -------------------------------------------+
 N.C.(Esus4)         (E)                                 (B)
 Play these 4 measures 2x, then repeat first 3 measures only.
 Fig. 2 (next 4 bars)
 blood stains the ivories of my daddy`s baby grand
 ain`t seen the daylight since we started this band
          No More, No More                    No More, No More
 store-bought clothes fallin `part at the seams
 tea leaf-readin gypsies fortune-tellin my dreams
 B (as before)
 No More, No More
 No More, No More
 holiday inns, lock the door with a chain
 you love it then ya hate it but to me they`re all the same
 No More, No More
 No More, No More
 (w/Fig. 1)
 baby I`m a dreamer
 found my horse and carriage
 (Fig. 2)
 stalemate jailbait ladies can`t refuse
 you love `em then you leave `em with your sold out reviews
 No More, No More
 Mo More, No More
 sweet talkin` barroom ladies disease
 slippin` with her lips slidin` down your knees
 No More, No More
 No More, No More
 (w/Fig. 1)
 *baby I`m a screamer
 bound to a wife in marriage
 (w/Fig. 1)
 baby I`m a dreamer
 found my horse and carriage
 (Fig. 2)
 ladies hold the aces and their lovers call it passion
 the men call it pleasure but to me it`s old fashioned
 times they`re a changin` nothing ever stands still
 if I don`t* stop changin` I`ll be writin` my will
 it`s the same old story never get a second chance
 for a dance to the top of the hill
 (w/Fig. 1)
 babe I`m a dreamer, found my horse and carriage
 Outro (repeat ad infinitum):
 The lyrics I gave are right from the liner notes of _Pandora`s Box_, but
 in a few places (noted by *`s) I`m not sure these lyrics are correct.
 As with all my tabs, please use this as a guideline to find your own
 personal favorite way of playing this song.  Rather than take the
 years to type out every last nuance of Joe-or-Brad`s excellent outro
 solo, let me just advise you:  Think B dorian and double stops.
 Questions/comments/thankfulness welcome! :-)
 Have fun!  More to come!
 Kevin Bourrillion               Bradley University               IITYWYGMTB              Geisert 804              (309) 677-1193
 "Livin`, lovin` getting loose
  Masturbatin` with a noose 
  Now someone`s kickin` out the chair!"     -- Aerosmith


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