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Аккорды к песне - "Bogey Man" - Aerosmith

Аккорды к песне: Aerosmith - "Bogey Man"

From: Denis Jacob  
 Subject: Bogey Man by Aerosmith
 This little diddly is at the end of the GET A GRIP album. They played it
 in concert after Steven Tyler said that "it went to number-one in Israel.
 Can you believe this shit?" Anyway, I am sending the TAB for what is the
 main melody. I think the rhythm is played on keyboard (slap bass setting).
 I divided this into three main parts:
 -------------------- -----------------
 ---------------5---- -----------------
 --4------2/4/6------ --4------2/4/6---
 -------------------- -----------------
 -------------------- -----------------
 -------------------- -----------------
 ------------ ------------ ------------- -------------
 --5b7r------ --5b7r------ --8b10r------ --8b10r------
 -------5---- -------6---- --------8---- --------9----
 ------------ ------------ ------------- -------------
 ------------ ------------ ------------- -------------
 ------------ ------------ ------------- -------------
 ------------------ ---------------- ------------- -----------
 --3--3-2----1-2--- --3---2--1---2-- --2--2---0--- ------0----
 --2--2-2----1-2--- --2---2--1---2-- --2--2---2--- --1h2p1----
 ------------------ ---------------- ------------- -----------
 ------------------ ---------------- ------------- -----------
 ------------------ ---------------- ------------- -----------
 I`m typing this from memory, so I can`t tell exactly how many times each
 part is played or if there are any little changes (I do remember that
 there is a variation of the 3rd part somewhere near the end) but I think I
 put the essential, or at least enough to help you out.
 P.S. I would appreciate it if anybody could tell me if and where Aerosmith
 will be playing this summer, or even during the first week of March up
 until the end of summer. Thanks


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