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Текст (слова) песни - Run Away - Natalie Brown

Текст (слова) песни: Natalie Brown - Run Away

Written by: Natalie Brown

I`m gettin` frustrated with the way you deal with things
You always withdraw from me, refuse to communicate
I don`t know how much more, more that I can take
I`ve given all I can, tried to give you everything
I`ve tried a thousand times
To get you to be real with me
You promise that you`ll change
That your priorities will rearrange
But I`m tired of the games
The silly way you play
I share my heart with you
In return all that you do is…

You just run away, just run away
Nothing to offer, no words to say
You just run away, just run away
You don`t deal with the problems at hand
You just run away, just run away
You don`t connect
With me you don`t stay
You just run away, you run away
You cop out and you run away

You took some time off, took some time "to think"
But baby, behind my back I think you`re playing games
I waited by the phone for you to call today
But it didn`t ring, I guess you don`t think of me when you`re away
You say you love me but your words and actions don`t justify
You just playin` with my heart, do the least to get by
I can`t take anymore of you runnin` out the door
Babe, I gave all that I have, but you don`t care cuz you just run away

I ain`t takin` this no more
Gonna get out on my own
Out on my own gonna settle the score
I`ve played this game a thousand times
But baby this time it`s me who is breakin` the ties
I`ve taken all I can, but no, no more

© 2000 natfunk music (BMI)

From the Album: Let The Candle Burn
Identity Records

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