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Текст (слова) песни - Love Has Finally Called My Name - Natalie Brown

Текст (слова) песни: Natalie Brown - Love Has Finally Called My Name

Written by: Natalie Brown

We are dancing outside
And the rain is falling down
And the downpour is twisting us around
`Till we fall to the ground
Baby in your arms
I feel shelter from the storm
As we lie here drenched by rain
Love has finally called my name

Enchanted by your stare
Suddenly, I`m made unaware
Of the noises that surround us
And the traffic on the street
Baby, in my world right now
There`s just you and me
How I`ve longed for your embrace
It makes my heart race
To be dancing like this in your arms
So secure, so safe so warm
Even though the rain falls all around me

I wondered when it would happen
When love would call my name
And I knew that when it happened
I`d never be the same
And now my life is filled
With streams of dreams and stardust
Knowing that forever
Your heart will beat with mine
Baby it`s no mystery I`m as in love with you
As you are with me
Dancing in the street as the rain falls

Flooded by desire
And passion flows so free
Never experienced this joy I feel
As you`re lying here with me

© 2000 natfunk music (BMI)

From the Album: Let The Candle Burn
Identity Records

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