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Текст (слова) песни - In Your Arms Again - Natalie Brown

Текст (слова) песни: Natalie Brown - In Your Arms Again

Written by: Natalie Brown

I remember standing there
Compelled by the grip of your stare
Wanting you to hold me forever
No words were said, instead
It`s like we knew that you`d never stop loving me
And I, I`d never stop loving you

If I could be in your arms again
I`d say the things I wanted to say
I`d tell you I love you
And that I never wanted you to go away
If I could be in your arms again
I`d never let you go
That`s the way it would be
If I could be in your arms again

I remember standing there
The soft breeze blowing slightly through my hair
Entranced, we were- of time we weren`t aware
No words were spoken, yet our hearts were broken
As we realized that to survive
We could never look into
Each other`s eyes again

The power of this gentle stare
Has touched us, made us aware
Even though our hearts say yes
We must beware, avert the gaze
There`s too much power
The power of this forbidden gaze
Is dangerous, we must beware
That`s why we had to turn away

© 2000 natfunk music (BMI)

From the Album: Let The Candle Burn
Identity Records

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