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Текст (слова) песни - The One - Nightingale

Текст (слова) песни: Nightingale - The One

I look around I dont like what I see
The darkness looking back again
Now I am waiting for the day to appear
And to let the sunlight rescue me

I fell asleep after walking for days
Trying to restore the world
And in my dreams I heard voices so clear
Theyre calling for me endlessly

I heard a story from another life of mine
About the foe that lives beyond this world
I heard a tale about a shadow once a friend
That brought me with him to the end
And that Ive only got myself to blame

And I returned from the vision so real
So confused not knowing what to do
It feels like I have been alive at a dream
In a parallel reality

Oh, through day and night I think about the dream
It has never felt so real before
(And) now I am so afraid to fall asleep
And to know how the story the ends
And why Ive only got myself to blame

Now Im back in the dream
And I am loosing self-esteem
The voices say that they are spirits from the past

They explain about the one
That rules the kingdom of the night
And how my mother was betrayed
And led astray in the world beyond the world
(The world beyond the world)
(The world beyond the world)

Oh, the spirits tell me
Do remain in light
And never ever let the darkness here (never let the darkness)
Take you in its arms and lead you to slumber
Cause the shadows in the dark will deceive (will deceive you)
Then nothing can relieve
And if you wont believe
Then youve only got yourself to blame
(Only got yourself to blame)

[Guitars: TN]
[Bass: TN]
[Keyboards: TN]

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