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Текст (слова) песни - Worlds Apart - Nightingale

Текст (слова) песни: Nightingale - Worlds Apart

We used to be together
Now were worlds apart
Nevermore will I be near you
Or feel your hand in mine

The days are filled with sorrow
The nights will never end
The silence here is suffocating
I feel so numb inside

Every time that I fall asleep
I can feel youre here beside me
Every time that I call your name
I believe that you can hear me

I am living in this world alone
With no one here to guide me
If only you could be here with me
Then you would make me whole again

Blame it on illusion
And "what I want to see"
But I am sure that you can see me
My heart will never fail

An act of desperation
A creation of despair
In empty rooms our name still echoes
But you are never there to reply
I hate the silence
Where are you now?

Every time that you fall asleep
Im laying her beside you
Every time that you call my name
It is true that I can hear you

I find it hard being on my own
In my mind were still together
Always talking to your photograph
To me our love will live forever

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