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Текст (слова) песни - Still In The Dark - Nightingale

Текст (слова) песни: Nightingale - Still In The Dark

[Swano/Nouga - Swano/Elkhart]

So lonely - feeling so alone in the dark
The world is really fierce out here
Im so alone and scared
Im tired and the cold is getting to my bones
Everything is so unreal, fighting on my own
My heart is pounding fast

So lonely - thinking of the end Im soon to see
Keeping all my tears inside leaving all the world behind

I dont know where to run
Oh, I dont know where to go from here
I dont know right from wrong
I just have to carry on

Awakened by a stranger looking down at me
Another soul on the run
Telling me his heart is glad to find me
Together we will try to make it out alive
I see the horror in his eyes, his story isnt far from mine

We dont know where to run
Oh, we dont know where to go from here
We dont know right from wrong
We just have to carry on
We dont know where to run
Oh, we dont know where to go from here
The dreams we have inside will come true and we will be reborn tonight

Ive found a friend
Someone that is sharing my pain
Now I know that there is something good in all this darkness

We are throwing all our fears into the fire
Life for us has only just begun

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