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Текст (слова) песни - I Return - Nightingale

Текст (слова) песни: Nightingale - I Return


Day and night just come and go
I hate that life is so deceiving
I feel this urge to turn away
From all the sadness and grieving

I find my way back to the place where we parted
All I hear is my heart pounding inside
Im so afraid of what Ill see when I return
Theres a part of me that needs to say goodbye
Until we meet again

Now and then he reappears
In my dreams
In my illusions
Pointing out the chosen path
It feels so real
Am I really dreaming?

Soon Ill see what time has done to my creation
Hell on Earth is just a few steps away
The Sun is hiding
I am in the heart of darkness
Im closing in on the godforsaken tree

The moment I defy the pain
Is here again, in another way
All the fear in my life
Is erased from my soul
I never knew that my fantasies
Could be oh so close to reality
And what I see here right now
Is so hard to believe

I see the rope, my friend is gone
His bodys nowhere to be found
I hear him whisper in the wind
I hear him calling out my name
Am I going insane?

The moment I defy the fear
Is here again, I can feel hes near
All the fear in my life
Have returned to my soul
I never knew that my fantasies
Could be oh so close to reality
And what Im hearing right now
Is so hard to believe

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