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Текст (слова) песни - The Wake - Nightingale

Текст (слова) песни: Nightingale - The Wake

Come into my game of solitaire
You could enter in and read me like a scrawl
Adrift upon the tide and in the air
I will let you see the dreamer through the wall

I wish that we could pick the world apart
I believe there is someone inside the pain
Life is wasted here behind the veil
I will never be free
Cant you see that Ive mourned again

I watch the days they crash into the night
All the secrecy the angels never came
The fine line between whats yours and mine
Is it mine alone the solitude of shame

The whispered word and now youre on my side
I am almost alive in your care my love
Ill believe you when you set me free
Ill believe you though you dont know who I am

Take me through the darkness to the world beyond
Will you wait for my arrival at the wake
No one will remember me when I have gone
And theyll never understand theyre at the wake

The fear of fire burning red and white
Will my name remain carved inside a stone
Your celestial son is born tonight
To a waiting grave the dreamers have to go

I see the signs of the veil up high
I can feel you whenever you move on the wall
Ill release you when youve turned the tide
Ill release you and burn you away from my soul

Someone here will never see the world outside
I will never know whos waiting at the wake
Someone here will never have to be alone
Youre the one who will remember at the wake

Ill let the waters cleanse my eyes
And follow the priest into the circular light
Ill let you go when I have fallen
And you dont know where youve arrived this time my love

Curse believe me when I summon you
Theres another dream it beckons you to go
Summers waiting for you to be new
Ill erase the dream now I go to sleep

And I can feel forever cry for me this time
You are not the only one here at the wake
No one will remember what was once my crime
And theyll never understand this is my wake

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